Building a brighter
inclusive workforce future

Helping to create a more diverse, better protected world

Prosperity, diversity, and inclusion

We embrace a blueprint for change. The future of our planet and the prosperity of all people is at the heart of our commitment to sustainable goals.

We stand for inclusion

To teach the world we need to be the world. Whatever your gender, age, ethnicity, origin, religion, sexuality, culture, disability, social status, economic status; or any other characteristic that defines your uniqueness, we are committed not only to approaching our differences with equality, but also to celebrating our diversity.

We stand for sustainability

We don’t just believe in the importance and urgency of the climate crisis, we do something about it. We’re certified ISO 14001, 100% paperless, and we’re a fully-distributed virtual team. We also help our clients transition to sustainable training, saving an estimated thousands of tons of carbon every year.

We stand for opportunity

Learnlight is built on the foundations of opportunity, learning and flexibility for all. We lead by example. Beyond that, we endeavor to raise intercultural awareness and positive values through our clients and community-based initiatives in the regions we operate.

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