30 September 2020

How Diversity & Inclusion become catalysts for success when they are more than just buzzwords

  • The Power of Diversity

Almost every modern organization talks about Diversity & Inclusion these days, but in reality, these are often more buzzwords than actually practised in their talent acquisition and people management teams. HR generally perceive their inclusion and diversity efforts as higher than they actually are. However, when companies truly invest in a conclusive strategy and support the development of skills required to foster D&I amongst their staff, it can become a powerful catalyst for growth and productivity.

The ideal Diversity & Inclusion guide for HR revealed that companies that fully commit to a D&I action plan see a real difference in their workforce:

  • 70% of companies think they’re good at attracting diverse employees when in reality, that number is closer to 11%.
  • 56% of companies asked reported they believe diversity drives innovation.
  • 60% of companies use metrics to actively track the success of their inclusion efforts.

How inclusive and diverse is your company actually? What results can you expect from a clearly defined D&I strategy? And how can you teach your staff the skills required? Here are all the facts you need to know to make an informed decision about your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives:

Diversity and i

Soft Skills Development

Building the critical skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace

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