29 August 2018

Language Skills: A Strategic Need

Author: Learnlight

As this global leader in public transport continues to grow, it is expanding to more and more international markets. RATP has led the way in managing high profile projects such as the development of the bus network in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) or the new tram service in Casablanca (Morocco).

RATP is made up of more than 20 specialist departments, ranging from Information and Telecommunications to Project Management and of course Buses and Trams.

RATP works with customers, suppliers and employees on a broad range of projects across four continents. This global footprint has led to a real need to develop RATP employees’ international competency – in particular, language skills – not only to work with each other but also with customers and other stakeholders.


Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group

In 2013 following a competitive tender process, France’s leading public transport provider selected Learnlight as their partner to provide language training to its staff. Since then, Learnlight has been responsible for training more than 800 employees from across the Group’s 20 departments.

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