26 May 2021

Learnlight launches new eBook: Leading Multicultural Teams in Virtual Environments

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Author: Learnlight

Learnlight is excited to launch our latest eBook: Leading Multicultural Teams in Virtual Environments.  With almost one third of the global workforce set to work virtually by the end of 2021, we felt it urgent to share our insights on how today’s professionals can not only survive but thrive, in a global environment.

How do you promote clear and inclusive communication between remote and international colleagues?  How can you truly unify your teams, encourage collaboration, and maximise potential?

Leaders understand that today’s diverse teams demand an upgrade from traditional management methods. Now more than ever about trust, engagement, teamwork, inclusion, cultural awareness and emotional intelligence are at the forefront.

Click here to download the eBook Leading Multicultural Teams in Virtual Environments and take this journey with us.

What key questions does this eBook address?

  • Essential skills for today’s virtual managers
  • How to develop and apply a global mindset 
  • Tactics to value diversity and inclusiveness in a remote work environment
  • Strategies for building trust, collaboration, and engagement
  • How to foster intercultural awareness and actively increase cultural sensitivity in your team
  • Real-life cultural misunderstandings and faux-pas

Leading Multicultural Teams in Virtual Environments

Equip yourself with the tools to navigate managing multicultural teams across borders and timezones


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