23 February 2023

Learnlight Proudly Supports Education for Girls

Learnlight is proud to support the wonderful work of Malala Fund on behalf of our customers and our community.

In the spirit of building a brighter future for all, Learnlight is pleased to announce our pledge to support Malala Fund, a nonprofit organization working to provide girls worldwide with access to education. 

Benjamin Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Learnlight states “this initiative is our way of saying thank you to our valued clients for the meaningful work we’ve completed together over 2022. Here’s to another year of unleashing talent with language, communication, and intercultural skills training. Our work with our clients creates new opportunities and connections for thousands of people and businesses around the world. That’s why we felt that it was fitting to support Malala Fund, a nonprofit focused on enhancing educational opportunities for girls so that they may become the leaders and learners of tomorrow.”  

Over 130 million girls around the world are without access to education. To change this, Malala Fund invests in local activists and organizations working to dismantle the barriers girls face to access 12 years of education. Malala Fund also advocates to hold local and world leaders accountable, pushing for the vital policy change and resources needed to get more girls into school. Finally, Malala Fund works to amplify girls’ voices, helping them to tell leaders exactly what they need through Assembly, their digital publication and newsletter for young women. 

At Learnlight, we are proud to support this inspirational nonprofit in making an impactful change in the lives of countless girls. Watch the video below to find out more. 

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