21 December 2018

Naturgy’s Training Challenges

Author: Learnlight

In a company like Naturgy, operating in more than 30 countries across five continents, language training is key, not only to make the group’s international expansion a success, but also to guarantee that communication with all stakeholders—a vital part of their day-to-day work—is fluent and easy.

The strategic objectives of the training program were to:

  • Centralize training
  • Guarantee maximum flexibility
  • Maximize learner engagement
  • Offer language training to 100% of their workforce

The main challenges were:

  • Overcoming geographical barriers. Naturgy needed a learning partner who could train employees all over the world and guarantee quality.
  • Creating a totally innovative program, using a cutting-edge platform that could offer a complete shift from traditional face-to-face training to digital and virtual training.


Overcoming the challenge of internationalization

  • Improving the ROI and the effectiveness of Naturgy’s corporate training program – the organization demanded tangible results.
  • Changing to a new transversal model.
  • Being firmly committed to excellence in languages.

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