07 May 2018

Siemens’ Training Results

Author: Learnlight

Learnlight has established an enduring partnership with Siemens Spain that has had a tangible impact on the organization’s performance. 

  • 220 employees trained in 2017
  • 8,000 hours of training delivered in 2017
  • 4 languages delivered: English, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • 98% of participants have completed their course successfully
  • 94% attendance rate
  • 4.6/5 session satisfaction rate
  • 5/5 trainer satisfaction rate 

Based on this successful partnership, Learnlight was introduced to Siemens’ global headquarters and in 2018 was selected as Siemens’ Global Strategic Learning Partner for languages worldwide.

The Spanish headquarters has been key in this process by sponsoring Learnlight and recommending their services to the Siemens Global Learning Campus in Germany.

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Globalization Process

The Spanish headquarters has played a fundamental role in this process by recommending Learnlight to the central office in Germany.

The Siemens headquarters sought a global provider to unify their training and help them to confront the challenge of digitally transforming traditional face-to-face training. Siemens asked all their regional offices to put forward candidates and so the selection process began.

Learnlight visited the Global Learning Campus in Germany and found that they had very similar approaches and ideas in relation to the best methods for digitally transforming training.

After analyzing which programs best catered to the global needs of Siemens, Learnlight began to outline a pilot for a technological integration with Siemens’ Learning Management System. 

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The project plan envisages providing training to a target audience of more than 300,000 employees who will be able to learn English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese through different training programs:

  • Coach: individual classes with a dedicated trainer in virtual format
  • Digital Live: digital self-study program with the added help of a specialized tutor
  • Academy: group classes in a virtual format
  • Teams: group classes for specific teams: marketing, finance, etc.

Another result of the centralization of Siemens’ training is improved transparency and measurement of return of investment. The monitoring of the training process is now much easier and more flexible and ultimately more effective.

As a global partner of Siemens, Learnlight guarantees the same quality standard, approach, learning content and service levels for all employee groups – wherever they are in the world – thus ensuring consistency and guaranteed training results.

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