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Improve assignment success and retain global talent with language, intercultural, and communication skills training

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Up to 66% of assignment failures can be tied to adaptation struggles. Our specially designed language, intercultural and communication skills training for international assignees and their families reduce stress, increase productivity, strengthen work and personal relationships, close skills gaps, and improve employee retention.  

 We offer a unique range of solutions, including virtual, digital, and blended face-to-face training, which we deploy across 180+ countries. We use our innovative technology, proven methodology, and experienced team to guide and support assignees and their families in developing new skillsets to adapt to and thrive in their new environment. 

About Learnlight

Language Skills 

Wherever they are based, and at a pace that suits them, mobile talent will overcome linguistic barriers by using the best techniques to learn any of the 100+ languages we offer. . Through our data analytics capabilities, mobility managers get total visibility on progress, while learners receive constructive, actionable feedback for tangible results. 

Intercultural Skills 

With a worldwide network of over 400 intercultural experts, Learnlight provides the framework, knowledge, and experience to empower assignees and their families to settle in faster. Develop top talent’s global mindset with intercultural skills training that’s hassle-free and flexible. 

Communication Skills 

Help your assignees communicate more effectively in international and/or virtual teams with communications skills training. From influencing and persuading, to international teambuilding, we’ve cracked the formula for delivering compelling and affordable skills training to your key talent, wherever they may be. 

People-Powered EdTech 

We’re Learnlight, an EdTech company that helps Global Mobility clients reduce the risk of assignment failure through language, intercultural, and communication skills training for assignees and their families. 

We have worked directly with client mobility managers and with some of the leading relocation agencies from around the world. Our award-winning platform allows assignees and accompanying family members to learn whenever and wherever they want through purely digital, traditional face-to-face, live-virtual, or truly blended programs. 

Our approach to blended learning draws on the latest scientific insights, and our own extensive experience working with thousands of assignees, to drive engagement and accelerate the learning process.  

Useful at any stage of the relocation, our fully personalized learning programs are designed to guide assignees and their families through relevant, applicable, and immersive content that’s delivered in bit-sized content and in formats that fit into any busy schedule. 

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