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Your employees learn at their own pace, using the world’s most comprehensive digital courseware delivered through our award-winning platform. Customized with specialized skills and client-specific materials, there really are no limits. 

Learnlight Discovery

Our extensive portfolio of digital courseware provides a scalable, economical approach to corporate learning. Learnlight Discovery is built for on-the-go, mobile learning, with bite-sized micro-learning activities. With fresh content updated daily, practical on-the-job productivity tools, and a structured learning path, your learners have everything they need to succeed. 

Learnlight Live

All the benefits of Learnlight Discovery with on-the-go, mobile learning, and bite-sized micro-learning activities. Plus limitless conversation practice and specialist writing support. Drop into Café, for relaxed informal conversation sessions run by the world’s best trainers.   

Learnlight Guide

Welcome to motivating, tutor-led self-study, with unlimited conversation practice for your employees. With personal guides assigned to help with objective setting, your employees will be given the encouragement and direction to stay on-track, ensuring they reach their goals. With help just a call or an email away, there’s always someone to reach out to when they need a helping hand. 

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The Learnlight Empowerment Method™

The Learnlight Empowerment Method™ puts learners in the driving seat of the learning experience. Our innovative engagement-focused methodology uses the latest learning science to empower learners, rapidly building awareness and understanding. 

Proven results

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of learners in 180 countries make a dramatic breakthrough in their ability to work and communicate effectively in another language or culture, as well as developing new career-enhancing skills.

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Platform integration

Our award-winning platform integrates with all the well-known HR and learning systems, and supports our world-leading trainers. You’ll be ready to respond more effectively to the evolving demands of your employees, with access to our 200+ personalized corporate language, intercultural skills, and communication courses, delivered with extended branding options.


Follow a structured linear path of interactive digital activities


Collect personalized feedback and flashcards to consolidate learning


Explore unstructured, informal learning tools, including Café and Magazine

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