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Il nostro approccio di apprendimento blended offre una semplice integrazione nelle tue attività

Una piattaforma sofisticata che porta i trainer in primo piano

learning outcomes

Built-in Learnlight Empowerment MethodTM and our Learnlight Impact Framework with personalised content, and study recommendations drive learner engagement, progress, and performance. At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure that learning and development links to impactful outcomes.

customizable platform

Seamless integration options with leading systems, advanced analytics, and extended theming capabilities empower customization, and data-driven decision making. Built for businesses who want to succeed and scale in a constantly changing business landscape.

Platform integration

Our award-winning platform integrates with all the well-known HR and learning systems, and supports our world-leading trainers. You’ll be ready to respond more effectively to the evolving demands of your employees, with access to our 200+ personalized corporate language, intercultural skills, and communication courses, delivered with extended branding options.


Segui un percorso lineare e strutturato di attività digitali interattive


Ottieni feedback personalizzati e flashcard per consolidare le nozioni apprese


Scopri strumenti di apprendimento non strutturati e informali, tra cui Café e Magazine

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